What is SmartCoin?

SmartCoin is an open source P2P cryptocurrency that operates with no central authority or banks. Payments can be sent instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world. SmartCoin will continue to evolve for the ever changing needs of a smarter world.

Fast Transactions

Even faster than Bitcoin, SmartCoin's blazing speed 30 second confirmations will get your payments sent or received anywhere in the world without waiting around. SmartCoin works globally and constantly, which means coins can be sent from everywhere to everywhere at any point in time.


With built-in SHA-256 wallet encryption, you can safely store your SmartCoins on your hardware, or even print out your own paper wallet. Transactions can be viewed in a public database, so there is no uncertainty about the status of payment transfers, and this database exists on all clients that use the software.

Growing Community

SmartCoin has a growing and friendly community in which everyone can participate and contribute to improve and distribute SmartCoin.

Download Wallets/Source

Choose your OS and download the wallet to get started with SmartCoin today.

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